History benchmarks


1962 - according to the order of Council of Ministers of RSFSR, mining and geology Institute of Ural Branch of RAS was divided into Institute of Mining Engineering and Institute of Geology. Institute of Mining Engineering was headed by professor M.V. Vasiljev, Doctor of Engineering, for more than 22 years.

1963 - as a result of reforms, conducted in the country, the Institute, as many other institutes, was excluded out of USSR Academy of Sciences and given into govern of State USSR Committee of Black and Base Metallurgy.

1965 - according to the Decree of USSR Council of Ministers, the Institute was reestablished to black Metallurgy committee of USSR.

1993 - after restructurization of Black Metallurgy Committee of USSR, the Institute was given into govern of Metallurgy Committee of Russian Federation.

1985 - 1992 - the Institute was headed by A.A. Kotyashev, Candidate of Science.


1992 - 1995 - A.D. Sashourin, Candidate of Sc, accomplished the management of the Institute. 


1994 - according to the decree of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute is incorporated into the Ural Branch of RAS.



1995 - 2006 - the institute was managed by corresponding member of RAS V.L. Yakovlev.




2006 - professor S.V. Kornilkov, Doctor of Engineering, is elected to be the Director of the Institute.



Deputy director on science
Glebov Andrey Valerjevich, Candidate of Sc (Engineering)
Academic secretary
of the Institute
Panzhin Andrey Alexeevich,
Candidate of Sc (Engineering)

Deputy director on generic issues
Kienko Victor Borisovich,