Main directions of researches and exploration trends

Main directions of researches

On the basis for comprehensive inspection of the Institute’s work in 2006, Presidium of Ural Branch of RAS had approved the following directions of scientific researches:

- generating theoretical basis for exploration strategy and mineral resources use strategy;
- creating scientific basis for new technologies of mining deep-seated deposits;
- investigating problems of geomechanics and rock breaking.

“Ural centre of geomechanic investigation of nature of manmade disasters in areas of commercial minerals mining” is working under jurisdiction of the Institute.

The exploration trends of the Institute’s laboratories

1. Working out of theoretical basis for exploration strategy and complex exploiting of mineral resources 2. Creating the scientific basis for new technologies of mining deep seated deposits 3. Researching the problems of geomechanics and rock breaking

Quality control of mineral raw materials, open-cut and deep geotechnology:
- methodology of optimization of parameters of geological resources assessment system and long-term forecasting of needs in the mineral raw materials;
- researching the main patterns of physic and chemic processes of classification and extraction of commercial components from natural and artificial deposits. Nanotechnologies in: flotation of sulphide tailings, dephosphorization of marganese ores, extraction of finely dispersed gold;
- creating theoretical and methodological basis for modeling geoinformational measuring systems of complex geophysical monitoring of rocks, provision of safe operation of mining enterprises. 

Mining ecology:
- development and methodology of theoretical basis for environmental safety, forecast and monitoring of dynamic of land-use and developing of ecosystems during the mining of deposits of commercial minerals, migration of ground waters at solving the problems of water supply, water disposal.

Open-cut transport systems and geotechnic:
- development of theoretical basis for projecting mining systems.

Branch (Chelyabinsk):
- working out of methodology of projecting socially oriented mining systems.

Open-cast transport systems and geotechnic:
- research in processes and ways of transportation of mined rock. Working out the scientific basis for forecasting forming energy- and resource saving open-cut transport systems.

Quality control of mineral raw materials:
- creating the scientific basis for quality control of mineral raw materials on the ground of application of geophysical methods of assessing lithologic and petrologic properties of rock mass
- working out the theoretical basis for strategies of exploration, complex exploitation of mineral resource and functioning of mining enterprises under conditions of uncertainty of initial data with account of worldwide trends in production and consumption of mineral raw materials.

Surface mining, underground mining, geodynamic and rock pressure, rock movement and catastrophe risk decreasing technologies, geomechanics of underground buildings:
- creating theoretical basis and methods of efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable exploring of deep-seated deposits on the grounds of research in dynamics of development of mining works, research in geodynamic peculiarities, structural framework and stressed-strained state of mined mass for supplying stability of mine workings of open pit area and objects of underground mining in urbane territories and regions of preserving daylight area. 

Geodynamic and rock pressure:
- research in temporary modulations of stress field in lithosphere of Urals, mechanism of forming focuses of geodynamic phenomena at subsurface resource management. Research in patterns of strength and deformation properties of rock mass changes according to its structure.

Rock movement, catastrophe risk decreasing technologies, geomechanics of underground facilities:
- shaping modern ideas about geodynamic, stressed and strained state of subsurface and origins, mechanisms and control on development of natural and manmade disasters at subsurface resources management objects;
- research in sources, monitoring and diagnostics of modern geodynamic and industrial movements and deformations of rock mass and earth surface;
- geotechnical and geodynamic assessment of territories, prepared for building complex critical objects.

Rock breaking, surface geotechnology:
- research and development of scientific basis about process of crippling of natural structures of local rock masses and mineral deposits under the influence of external powers and research in patterns of influence of explosive rupture on the condition of прибортовых массивов.