The Institute today

In 2006 corresponding member of RAS Yakovlev V.L., according to age, is promoted to councilors of Russian Academy of Sciences. S.V. Kornilkov, Doctor of Engineering, is elected director of the Institute, A.V. Glebov, Candidate of Technic, is elected deputy scientific director, A.A. Panzhin –  academic secretary.

The number of members of the Institute by the beginning of 2006 comprises 174 persons, including 101 staff scientists. The number of scientists, having an academic degree, makes up 58%, among them: 1 corresponding member of RAS, 15 Doctors of Sc, 38 Candidates of Science.

Structurally, the Institute incorporates 10 laboratories and 10 scientific-support departments. Moreover, the Institute has subsidiary in Chelyabinsk.

The Institute is the only organizations in Ural, which conducts a wide range of investigations in problems of mining subsurface use, mining systemology, geotechnology and dressing of commercial minerals, in accordance with classification of mining sciences, created by RAS Research Council of RAS.