The Institute of Mining

001a.jpgFebruary, 24, 2007. the Institute of Mining, one of the leading and oldest research and scientific institutes in the field of mining engineering, celebrates its 45th anniversary.

The Institute is the only Ural academic establishment, which performs the wide range of investigations of the problems of exploration and preserving the mineral resources/ subsurface, mining subsurface studies, rock systemology, geomechanics, geotechnology, geotechnic and mineral dressing.

The Institute’s members have the highest qualifications. The Institute is provided with the latest modern equipment. postgraduate centre, doctorate, specialized Council of defending doctor’s and master’s dissertations operate in the Institute.

Within the Institute, scientific schools of open-cast transport, rock mechanics and the Ural centre of geomechanic researches of the nature of manmade disasters are successfully operating.


In the intervening years the Institute has:

• worked out fundamentally new technologies and facilities of exploiting deep-seated deposits of mineral raw materials;
• prepared scientific basis and methods of engineering new and reconstructing old operating mining enterprises;
• worked out technologies and facilities of mined-land reclamation and normalization of open pit atmosphere;
• created new means of diagnosing geodynamical activity of land using modern aerospace geodesy facilities and satellite navigation systems, aimed at enhancing security of compound industrial objects of subsurface resource management.


003a.jpgAt the present day, the Institute is able to solve the most difficult academic and applied problems in exploring and exploiting deep-seated deposits of mineral raw materials with difficult mining-and-geological bedding conditions.